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Colleen MacIsaac, the effects were cumulative and i almost didn’t notice,
Antigonight 2019, photo by Foundry Photography.

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What is Antigonight?

Since its inception in 2010, Antigonight Art After Dark has been Antigonish Culture Alive’s most recognizable and popular public art event. It is specifically designed to offer the public an opportunity to appreciate art in a public venue. The festival provides both the opportunity for artists to display their work and become known within the community but also gives the community the opportunity to interact with contemporary artwork of different mediums, such as dance, theatre, music, visual arts, and other forms of live artistic interaction. Annual attendance at the festival has been around 3,000 for the last two years. The festival takes place in September and is free, open to all, and accessible by wheelchair and stroller. Art projects are positioned around downtown venues including parks, closed-off sections of Main Street, and the public library where visitors have easy access to the exhibits. Exhibits and performances are found on sidewalks and in storefronts, alleyways, and nooks and crannies of the downtown. Each year, artists are invited to submit proposals and selected to present projects that are participatory in nature. Over the years, projects have included music, dance, painting, sculpture, workshops in visual arts, storytelling, performance, and theatre.

Antigonight acknowledges the over-representation of White, cisgender, able-bodied voices in the arts. We prioritize and encourage perspectives, work, and input from individuals who belong to L’nuewa’ki (Mi’kma’ki)/Nova Scotia’s marginalized and underrepresented communities. We strongly encourage applicants to self-identify in their application.

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Late Night Radio, Antigonight 2020, photo by Noella Murphy.