Antigonight 2018

Friday, September 7th:

Community Showcase

Fenn Martin* with assistance from the Lochaber Growers

ASAP Artist Run Centre

Heather & Carin Tickle Truck Emporium

People’s Place Library

Breaking The Silence


Mary Poulett-Taylor & Derrick Paulette

James MacSwain

The Spinners Circle

Tara Taylor, Eva Knoll & St.FX Students


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September 15th:

The Antigonight Art After Dark Festival

Leigh Gillam

Eva Bertrand-Brunelle

St.FX Art Department

2018 List of Artists

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Antigonight 2017 (September 1st-16th)

Download the Antigonight 2017 Festival Program at this link. Antigonight Art After Dark is an interactive, contemporary art festival that takes place in Antigonish, Nova Scotia every September. This year’s festival will take place on September 1- 16, 2017. For updates and news, check out the Antigonight Facebook page.

Project Descriptions for 2017 Antigonight, Sept 16th

(download as Word document)


Location: Piper’s Pub – 7:00/8:15/9:30

Location: Waffle Bus Dining Rm. – 6:30/7:30/8:30

Location: East Coast Credit Union Lower Parkade -Ongoing (Lumiere Artist Swap)

#4) ANDREW MILNE – “Museum of New Ideas presents: Completing Photography”
Location: East Coast Credit Union Upper Parkade – Ongoing

#5) JULIA WALKER, LAURA STINSON, AND NOELLA MURPHY – “Shear Ingenuity, A Road Less Gravelled” (Heading to Lumiere as Antigonight exchange)
Location: Piper’s Pub Lawn/Roving- Roving/Performances on the hour
Website: (puppets inspired by Bread and Puppets)

Location: Backside of People’s Place Library-Ongoing

Location: Capitol/Cineplex Back Wall- Ongoing

Location: Former Post Office- Ongoing

Location: Chisholm Park Parking Lot -Ongoing

Location: Upper Chisholm Park- 6:00-6:30

Location: Chisholm Park – Parade Starts: 7:30

Location: Chisholm Park Gazebo- 7:45/8:45/9:00

Location: Chisholm Park Gazebo 6:30/8:00/9:00

Location: Lower Chisholm Park- Ongoing

Location: Roving-Ongoing Performance: 7:00 – Chisholm Park

Location: Roving 6:30- onward

Location: Upper College St. – Ongoing

#18) Print Prospects-St. FX Fine Art Faculty
St FX Art Department-6:00-9:30

Location: Down to Earth Gallery- Ongoing

Location: Lyghtesome Gallery- Ongoing


Location: Antigonish 5 to $1- Ongoing Installation

Location: St FX Art Gallery Lawn Ongoing

Antigonight Fringe

Karen Perro- Gallery Reception
Location: Kirk Building- 6:00-9:30pm

Filipino Society- Dance and Song
Location: Chisholm Park Gazebo (consult Fenn)

Clifton Petipas: TBA

Antigonight 2016

Artists Lineup


The objectives of the Antigonish International Film Festival (AIFF) Society are to confront local, regional and global issues using documentary films, foster the understanding of film as a communication medium and encourage the participation of a wide range of citizens in a community cultural event to help create an inclusive environment. Join the AIFF as they present a surprise documentary that is sure to capture the attention of festival goers.

KATE BOYLE – Interactive Untitled (Lumiere Artist-Swap)

Originally from New Brunswick, Kate is an artist living in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Kate obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Mount Allison University.Her artwork has been displayed in several exhibitions across New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Kate’s focus has been centered on painting, sculpture, printmaking, and stop-motion animation.


The Black Box Collective is a group of Antigonish-based artists hosting performances and workshops in comedy, improv, storytelling, and theatre. Watch out for a roving band of stand-up comedians at Antigonight this year. There’s no telling when and where they will appear; they might be lurking behind a tree just waiting for a potential audience member like you to walk by. If you see our intrepid comedians setting up their traveling stage, grab a seat as quick as you can (this club only has one table), and brace yourself for the fastest comedy routine on two feet. Family friendly jokes and lighthearted audience interaction will make it feel like you just stepped into a Las Vegas showroom. Enjoy it while you can because our rambling joke-makers will be packing up and moving on before you’ve guffed your last guffaw.


‘Where Art Thou?’ Walk-About Art Tour Passport Stamps

 Sean C. Brophy and Joshua Dobbs are the co-owners and operators of the recently established, Three Thirty Main Fine Electric Tattooing. Together they have over 30 years of artistic practice.

Sean C. Brophy is many things but primarily he is a tattooer, painter, Jiu-Jiteiro, retired Paramedic, husband, father and collector of sharp implements. He enjoys many facets of art and artistic expression. Although he loves to be outside he often neglects mowing his lawn for far too long.

Beats, Bears and Battlestar Galactica. Those are three things that have nothing to do with Joshua. Currently residing in Antigonish with his beautiful wife Emilie and two sons. Aside from a short period when he was to busy laying in a crib as an infant Josh has been making art his whole life. Fueled by an persistent restlessness he steadily is trying to produce art in different mediums, from tattoo to canvas or any other creative endeavour in between. His favourite movie is ‘The Notebook’ and has a crippling fear of leprechauns.  His work is inspired by music, the female form,  nature and the strangely beautiful side of darkness.

Adam Tragakis received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia. After spending three years working as a sculptor’s assistant in Toronto he moved back to his hometown of Antigonish to devote his time to oil painting. He has shown his work in galleries in Vancouver, Toronto and the United States.

GILLES BRUNI + FENN MARTIN – ‘The Landing’  Earth Art Installation

ASAP Art Centre in Antigonish, NS, has launched our area’s first earth art project, THE LANDING, on the historic Antigonish Landing Road where it is currently flooded by the tide twice a day.  Curated by Tila Kellman, ASAP has brought celebrated earth artist, Gilles Bruni, from Clisson, France, to work with Antigonish artist, farmer and builder, Fenn Martin.  They are creating an ephemeral outdoor installation out of natural materials that draws awareness to how the natural processes of sedimentation with every tide parallels the social and political history of The Landing, a place where Mi’kmaq, Scots, Irish and Acadian peoples also “washed ashore” to interact in various kinds of exchange.  The influx of students and immigrants to Antigonish and rising tides pushed by climate change continue this process.

Kiju Boyz musicians, singers and dancers from Paq’tnkek First Nation will participate in celebrating the completion of THE LANDING at a reception on-site, Saturday afternoon, 17 September, from 1-5 pm  (musicians 2-5 pm).

Born in Nantes, France, in 1959, Gilles Bruni studied first studied agriculture but then earned a Doctorat in Visual Arts at the University of Rennes 2 in 1997. At the same time he undertook a program of collaborative experimentation outdoors with Marc Babarit in France and then Germany, USA, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Austria, and Venezuela, mostly through artist residencies and commissions.  He blends his questioning of the landscape with the ecological dimension of a place in the broadest sense, which means integrating the lives of local residents and their histories, through numerous collaborations and partnerships.  He lives in Clisson, France.

Fenn Martin grew up as member of a back-to-land family near Port Hood, Cape Breton.  He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NSCAD University in 2006, specializing in ceramics.  His intricate, large ceramic reliefs depicting the hard work, poetry and decline of rural life and its values can be found in institutions and private homes around Antigonish County.  His work has been included in important exhibitions at The Beaverbrook Gallery in Fredericton and at Cape Breton University, as well as solo shows at St Francis Xavier University and (upcoming) the Mary E. Black Gallery in Halifax.  Fenn is an organic farmer and professional carpenter, as well as artist, and lives in Lochaber, NS.

With Tila Kellman, Fenn co-founded Antigonight: Art After Dark, Antigonish’s imaginative and participatory nighttime fall arts festival.

Tila Kellman, Ph. D., is an independent curator and writer who has brought a number of innovative contemporary Canadian artists to show in Atlantic Canada.  She met Gilles Bruni when he was a participant in Sculpture Sackville 2008, an international earth art exhibition that took place in the Sackville Wildfowl Marsh as part of the Cultural Capitals of Canada program.  The idea of THE LANDING was born at that time.  With Fenn Martin, Tila co-founded Antigonight: Art After Dark, Antigonish’s nighttime fall arts festival.  The opening of THE LANDING will take place during “Antigoday”, the day between the two evenings of Antigonight.

JESSIE DENNY – Tell the History

Jessie Denny is a storyteller and Elder of the Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation. Cozy up while she educates on the history of Paqtnkek , with the community name rooted in the meaning, ‘by the bay”. She also plans to delight her listeners with seasonal ghost stories.

DANIEL HALFPENNY – ‘Our Sound’ Collective Musical Improvisation

Dan Halfpenny is a Locally Grown, Certified Organic Artist, and has dabbled with different visual media, as well as in various aspects of theatre. Having gone to university to become a costume designer, they quite naturally didn’t, and now they’re building musical instruments.

Open improvised jam session on handmade instruments, no experience required. All are welcome, so come on up, grab any of the available instruments, have a seat and start playing. Together we will find our sound.

JOHN MATHEWS – Film Compilation

John Mathews is an artist originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Over the last ten years he has curated a number of film and art projects for CFAT, the Halifax Independent Film Festival, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the Khyber and the Eyelevel Gallery. He has participated in a number of art at night festivals including Lumiere (Cape Breton), Art in the Open (PEI) and Antigonight (Antigonish.) Currently he is the gallery and collections technician at the Cape Breton University Art Gallery in Sydney, Cape Breton.

L’ARCHE ANTIGONISH – Drumming Circle 

The L’Arche Antigonish community is home to 22 people with intellectual disabilities, living in 5 homes and 1 apartment. Our homes, day programs and summer camp offer a variety of learning experiences and foster a spirit of cooperation and a discovery of each other’s uniqueness.  L’Arche Antigonish is closely connected with St. Francis Xavier University. Each year, over 60 university student volunteers participate in various programs. The L’Arche Antigonish community has been a long-standing contributor to Antigonight Art After Dark and will continue in 2016, to create togetherness through artistic expression.


The Medieval Players came together to perform “Everyman” at St Paul’s Anglican Church in 2015. Local actors, costumers, prop makers, set builders and musicians brought to life a medieval mystery play, hundreds of years old and yet still meaningful in today’s world. Their next project is the Towneley Mystery Play “Noah and the Ark”. Work begins long before the show starts – you will see them creating the props for the animals to come to the ark, two by two.

MICHAEL McCORMACK – Future Telephone

Michael D. McCormack is an intermedia artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. His work stems from research on communicative media and social/political implications that communicative infrastructure have affected and continue to maintain. McCormack works with site-specific scenarios using materials and methods that contemplate our living relationship with contemporary media.

Future Telephone is an interactive multimedia installation that I recently completed at the Centre For Art Tapes in Halifax through their Local Artist in Residence program with financial assistance from Arts Nova Scotia. It is a new work akin to my previous works FIELD, STATION, and BEACON, in that it continues to investigate communicative media through sensory experiences, inter-generational mentorship, and collaboration. Future Telephone more specifically considers the impact that the construction of early telephone networks had on isolated regions throughout Atlantic Canada, and how the existing infrastructure can be assembled in a hypothetical future situation.


Founded in 2005, The Maritime Centre for African Dance, or MCAD is grown rapidly. Most publicly know for performing at President Obama’s Inaugural ball, MCAD has a highly trained team of dancers and drummers from all over Continental Africa, including Zimbabwe, Ghana, Congo, Gambia, Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda and more. All of MCAD’s dancers are trained in both traditional and modern dances from the countries which they hail from. In this Multicultural society, MCAD offers cultural education through the art of dance and music.


The ACE Co-op promotes the adoption of solar energy in and around Antigonish, Pictou and cape Breton by organizing bulk buys of solar power systems for its members, and other activities. We are currently organizing group-buys for home and business solar power systems. If you are interested, check out for details and sign up for a free home appraisal by one of our approved installers!  FB:

SUSIE MURPHY + JULIA WALKER – Harvest Corn Dollies

Susie Murphy and Julia Walker are two local horticultural enthusiasts with a penchant for Art. Julia excels in anything she puts her hands to; a prolific knitter, seamstress with a keen eye and aesthetic sense. She has studied and worked in horticulture and set-design and keeps a fine vegetable plot to feed her family.  Susie is a market gardener with a love for the aesthetics of the garden.  She has studied permaculture and organic agriculture and is now fully entrenched in this work on her small vegetable farm which she runs with her husband and two young children. Inspired by the likes of Andy Goldsworthy, Susie enjoys using the natural world as a medium to follow artistic pursuits.

We are drawing on inspiration of the pagan tradition of Corn dollies in which the spirit of the harvest is embodied in a shape made out of the last sheaf of grain of the harvest and housed over winter. The belief was that the spirit of the harvest lived in the field and at harvest time was left homeless. The farmer keeps the last sheathe of corn from a crop to create a corn dolly which will be kept in the farmer’s house through the cold season giving the spirit a warm home.  At spring time, when the new crop is being planted, the corn dolly or spirit of the harvest is returned to the first furrow in the field. We want to honour our local harvest season by inviting the spirit of crops both agricultural and wild, to come together in a life-sized “corn dolly”. We encourage enthusiasts to bring the spirit of their favorite crop, be it from their garden or from the wild.

OQO – Summer Tour 2016

OQO means balance. This coastal Canadian trio sounds like a ménage-a-six between Yann Tiersen, Sigur Rós, Beirut, Gogol Bordello, Cinematic Orchestra and Phillip Glass. The band writes original, cinematic, operatic folklore for Accordion, Violin, Voice, Contrabass and the occasional Synthesizer.

Ian Griffiths on Accordion and synth, Keith Rodger on Upright Bass and Jacques Mindreau on Violin and Voice have been enchanting audiences across Canada with performances at Arts Wells Festival, Tiny Lights Festival, South Country Fair, Deep Roots Music Fest, Market Fest, Market Collective and dozens of others.

SARI of ORIENTAL MOTION – Oriental Motion

Sari started belly dancing under the tutelage of Svetlana Skrchinskaya in Japan in 2007. She became a teacher at Belly’s Lana Institute in 2009, where she was also their main dancer. She has attended numerous workshops, and has broadened her knowledge of oriental dancing. Her powerful, and graceful movements maker her an exceptional dancer. Once she moved to Canada, she actively performed and competed all over the Maritimes mainly in Halifax and surrounding areas. She has also competed in Toronto, Montreal, and Moncton and achieved prizes and high praises.

A night of oriental excitement as performer Sari will invite you to the world of oriental bellydancing. It is a dance with deep cultural and historical background and it will sure to bring out the primal need to dance within the crowd. The performance will showcase styles from variety of countries of Middle East and some Mediterranean with distinctively unique collection of music.

OSO SUAVE – Poppin-ing

Known as Oso, his main style of street dance is Popping. Being inspired by The King of Pop and discovering the Electric Boogaloos as his teachers, he decided embark on the journey to learn this dance. Visit for his choreographed piece to a Michael Jackson and interactive freestyle popping.


Do you love performing or listening to live music? Do you have a talent you’d like to share with the world, such as dancing, poetry recitation, or circus tricks? Join us on the back porch of The People’s Place: Antigonish Town and County Library for our monthly Open Mic.

All are welcome, even those who’ve never performed in public before, or those who just want to support local talent. We invite performances in any language.


ÉABHA PRICE – Fantastic Face Painting

Éabha Price is a youth artist who is active in her community through local youth group, Unicorn Vomit and annually volunteers with Friends of Antigonish Library (FoAL) spring fundraiser. She recently completed a 150 km cycle tour with her family and is an avid illustrator. Éabha will have a selection of mini face-painting designs for young and old to enjoy.


Liliona dances across Canada and internationally, engaging in all sorts of eclectic and challenging projects. She collaborates frequently with other artists, and also choreographs and dances new works as an independent artist. Most recently, Liliona spent a year researching, choreographing, teaching and performing in Ghana. Her recent pieces include We are Every Moment, Resonances of a Warrior Boy, Dressed in Voices, Tide, Oppression, and Inside- Outside: the Dance of the Box. Liliona sees her body as a link to past and to future generations, using it to create art that is unconventional, provocative, grounded and sometimes fun.

What do we hide and what do we expose every day? What do we share easily, or even magnify? We carry so much within us at every moment and in every interaction. This piece invites us all to light-heartedly examine how we magnify or hide parts of ourselves. Moving literally and figuratively in and out of the beam of the projector, what happens when we “step into the light”?

EVA ROMITA – Heroine, Margaret Atwood as Wonder Woman

Eva Romita is a multidisciplinary Italian-Canadian artist whose hyper-realistic imagery uses multilayered metaphor and narrative to interpret the challenges presented by our modern world. Her painting, conceptual performance, and artifacts of exhaustive research efforts have been included in a variety of publications, exhibited in Canada and the US, and are held in private collections in both countries. Born in Antigonish and educated at NSCAD university in Halifax. Eva divides her time between Vancouver, BC, and her home studio in Chester, Nova Scotia.

Eva Romita brings her live painting performance to Antigonish and invites audience members to participate alongside her in creating a large-scale, community fueled, paint-by-number portrait of Margaret Atwood as Wonder Woman.

MICHAEL SCHAKE – Mike’s Mystery Tour

Michael Schake is a writer, poet and two wheeled traveler. In this presentation, he strays from words to silent projection. Experience his cycling journeys throughout our coastline by the lens of his camera. Schake has been cycling around the globe for the past decade and wants to share his first hand(lebars) perspective with you. His larger than life projections will run throughout the night – try your hand at locating his tour route itinerary! Schake has contributed to the positive growth of cycling culture throughout Halifax, Montreal and abroad by telling his stories of cycling culture and advocating for low-carbon transportation.

S2WR – Overwinter, Overland

Each year billions of monarch butterflies embark on a cross-generational migration across North America to gather in a wintering site in Mexico that is roughly six square kilometers. Overwinter, overland reproduces the festooning forms of hibernating monarchs with thousands of handmade paper butterflies and invites audiences to engage with this magical natural phenomenon by activating the pulsing light within these sculpture with their own heartbeat.

S2WR is the Halifax-based collaborative duo of DIY technologist, Shawn Wolchyn and multidisciplinary artist, Sally Raab. Together they combine maker-technology and craft-based art and performance to produce large scale interactive installations deconstructing and abstracting ideologies related to social justice and community engagement.

SECRET THEATRE – Secret Selfies

Over the years Secret Theatre has invited people to slow dance with strangers in disused storefronts, to drift through public parks with an audio companion, to confess secrets to someone thousands of kilometres away through text message, and to immerse themselves in public locations and busy city streets from Aarhus, Denmark to Victoria, British Columbia. We do not merely want audiences to engage. With thoughtful, playful intervention, we aim to give people a feeling they are at the heart of the experience.

Secret Selfies invites you to take a quiet moment sifting through the stacks to discover the audio self-portraits hidden there. Duck in, sip some tea, have a seat and listen to someone’s story. Secret Selfies, facilitated by Sarah Moore and Dustin Harvey, came out of a desire to offer an intimate audio experience for artists and audiences. We’re presenting a collection of ten commissioned audio self-portraits from multi- and interdisciplinary artists, all around five minutes in length.


An established Mi’kmaq artist, Alan Syliboy’s work is influenced by the indigenous Mi’kmaq rock drawing and quill weaving traditions. Working in acrylic and mixed media, Alan creates vibrantly coloured images exploring the themes of family, searching, spirituality, struggle, and strength. The use of layering symbols and mark making creates depth and texture in Alan’s work. As Alan walks through this life he has made everlasting contributions and impressions that will teach and share his culture for generations to come. His art will continue to present the Mi’kmaw people with pride and his visions give us all a glimpse of his culture’s true beauties.

A short film documenting the artistic journey of Mi’kmaq artist, Alan Syliboy, as he paints a mural in the Halifax International Airport. The film is a love story to the world inside every airport, and a window into the raw emotions that mark all of our own personal journeys. Produced and Directed by award winning filmmaker, Nance Ackerman at Heartstring Productions, Alan Syliboy at Red Crane and Sherry Clow at HIAA.


Bicycles, like other underrated modes of transportation mean many different things to different people. For some a bike is something they do simply for exercise. For some it is their cherished main mode of transport, while many others rely on old broken bicycles to survive. Bicycling is a revolutionary idea that has changed our world and how we move within it. Individuals who ride often give their bikes names and describe a sense of connection to their noble steed. A bicycle is more than just a corporate brand name to display or a collection of parts to become a disposable commodity. These frames and wheels become an extension of our active bodies and give us the ability to express ourselves in motion. With this project the individual and their bicycle will extend beyond the usual boundaries. The soft organic and hard metal will bond in an expression of synergy and clash in sound and light.

Alex Tremblay is a chef by trade, a passionate cyclist and backyard entrepreneur, Alex the AlleyCat is a creator by nature. His wild imagination and resourcefulness helps him forge his dreams and ideas from the raw material around him. Inspired by the natural environment, while living in the age of iron and oil, Alex views bicycles as a sustainable way to move forward from the consumption of disposable society. From his culinary background Alex learned the depth of interconnection that is essential to have with our surrounding environment. The delight of fresh and local produce, eating in a tasteful and inventive way and the knowledge of the sustainability found in low impact lifestyle fueled him to learn to find a reciprocal balance with the world. Alex shares a garage maker space in the north end of Halifax called The Bikewrights with his friend Tom MacDonald. Together they use this space to invent and build custom bicycle trailers for other local small business owners. They are currently working on two sustainable transportation solutions that will be available to the public. Alex is also co-owner of Long Alley Bicycles in Halifax with Paul Rogers where they build custom refurbished bicycles.

Ben Parsons is a maker artist and has experience making bikes and working with bicycle collectives to promote cycle culture throughout Canada, California and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is an experienced designed and carpenter who has recently relocated to Antigonish to build his family home and pursue homesteading with his artist wife and children. Ben is the co-owner and operator of Acorn Design Build, a green solutions provider, that specializes in natural building and environmental education.

YARN BOMBERS – Libraries YARN’t Just for Books

If you are curious about this project you can find out more at 2pm on Wednesdays around the library fireplace.


Yes, it is what you think it is! Drop by and create your very own biodegradable zucchini boat, then join us the very next day for a zucchini boat race down Brierly Brook! Bring a zucchini if you have some to spare! We will also have some on-hand.

Antigonight 2015

Artists Lineup

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