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Antigonight 2022

Friday September 16 - 7pm - 11pm - People's Place Library - 283 Main Street 

Join us at the People’s Place Library for a community showcase to kick off the festival weekend! Walk through the library, a creative hub of the region, and participate in community creations with a selection of local artists! Visitors will also get the opportunity to meet and get a glimpse at the artistic practice of a number of local creatives! Learn about a new skill and celebrate the creativity of Antigonish County with us!

Creative Showcase:
Trevor Gould
Josie Poulette
Valerie Lafford
Sian Gwynne Baskets
Emery Van de Wiel

ACALA (until 9pm)
Breaking the Silence with Beehive Design Collective
Nancy Turniawan
Regina Marzlin
Marrin Jessome & Issac Abriel (performance 8PM, Library Parking Lot)
Grace Lane-Smith



Small Town Big Idea

Small Town Big Idea is based off the curbside museum small exhibition in Canmore Alberta. This project comes together in framed shadow boxes and includes found objects, trinkets, figurines, photos, ticket stubs, and other items of significance to the creator. Creators are invited to bring small objects to Antigonight to contribute to one large, collaborative exhibit, or participate in workshops throughout the summer in which artists will guide the curation of your own exhibit to be displayed during the September event. Through a series of workshops and the collaborative installation during Antigonight, participants are invited to create exhibits which reflect what they love about our small town and county. Ideas include entertainment, special clubs, natural spaces, people and more. 


The Antigonish County Adult Learning Association has been participating in Antigonight through literacy based projects since its inception. ACALA supports art in all of its iterations and encourages literacy through artistic expression, especially when it comes to theater, music, visual representation, poetry and creative writing. ACALA has not only participated in Antigonight, but has also engaged in a variety of arts based projects with Arts Health Antigonish to bring our learner’s stories to the stage.


Breaking the Silence & Beehive Collective

BTS with The Beehive Design Collective
Mesoamérica Resiste

Breaking the Silence (BTS) is teaming up with visual story-tellers the Beehive Design Collective to present “MesoAmérica Resiste”, an intricate mural-sized pen and ink illustration that was created through an intensive and ongoing process of grassroots research. The Beehive uses metaphors from the natural world to connect social and environmental struggles, and celebrate cultural and ecological diversity. The cast of characters in the graphic includes over 500 endemic, endangered, and requested species of animals, plants, and insects from Mesoamerica.

BTS will share stories from the frontline communities in Guatemala with whom they work to bring a depth and a sense of connection to the real-world struggles that the graphic depicts. Come explore this world famous art piece while gaining a greater understanding of the systems that shape our global economy and the communities struggling for self determination.

Breaking the Silence @btsmaritimesguatemala is a network of people in the Maritimes, who for over three decades have supported the efforts of Guatemalans struggling for political, social, and economic justice. It formed in the 1980s as Guatemala's internal armed conflict was coming to an end, as displaced communities were requesting international human rights accompaniment to physically cross the border and return to their communities.

The Beehive Design Collective @protestbaby @ beehivedesigncollective act as word-to-image translators of complex global stories, shared with us through conversations with affected communities. For 9 years, the collective worked to create MesoAmérica Resiste, a mural-sized pen and ink drawing about movements to protect land and culture from mega-development projects.

Nancy Turniawan


Do you enjoy kaleidoscopes, patterns, or doing puzzles? Manipulate Nancy's printed 4"x4" nature photographs to help create a marvellous PhotoQuilt!

Nancy Turniawan is a community artist. She can be found creating art with natural materials, and photographing nature.


Regina Marzlin

Let’s Make a Quilt!

Antigonight visitors are invited to play with fabric! They can choose from a range of pre-cut fabric pieces that will be assembled to form traditional quilt block patterns. The participants can experience how designing with light and dark pieces leads to geometric patterns that look great when assembled and repeated in a quilt top. The artist will be sewing the chosen arrangements together on site so people can see the process and the growing quilt top.

Regina Marzlin is a studio textile artist located in Antigonish, NS. Using fabric as her medium, she explores shape, line and colours. She enjoys the feel of the fabric, the slow process of adding marks by hand stitching, building up layers and creating textures. Regina creates mostly abstract and colourful textile collages, often inspired by nature. The process of creating her own fabrics through dyeing, painting, printing and other surface techniques is an integral part of the final artwork. Regina has worked on developing, showing and marketing her art since 2005, as well as promoting textile arts, curating exhibitions and teaching workshops. She is a juried member of the international artist groups Studio Art Quilt Associates, Cloth in Common, and Art Cloth Network.



Marrin Jessome & Issac Abriel


Blur is a movement piece created to research and challenge gender roles in contemporary dance partnering. This repertoire explores how to build duet material based on physical equality among dancers. The capacity of our bodies should not be reduced to one role or another. This work is built to break stereotypes, and to find ways in which lifting and weight sharing can be balanced regardless of gender. Virtuosic and highly physical movement is married with sensitivity and emotion in this dystopian and turbulent contemporary dance duet.

Isaac grew up in Nova Scotia where he trained at Precision Dance Company until he graduated high school. He then, moved to Anaheim, California to further his training in Mather Dance Company’s year long Bridge Into The Industry program where he trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, hiphop, musical theatre, and ballroom styles.
Post-program, Isaac’s professional credits include: The CAFTCAD Awards, Creative NS Awards, Social Distancing Festival, Antigonight Art After Dark, COLORVISION (film), Votive Dance “Don’t Wake The Lions”, Emerging Lens Cultural Film Festival, St John Contemporary Dance Festival, and more. His teaching/choreography credits include: House of Eight Dance Studio, Halifax Dance, DalDance, Black and Gold Dance Team, Precision Dance Company, Social Distancing Festival, etc. Isaac is currently working on new creations with Votive Dance Company, Marrin Jessome, and House Of Eights Dance Studio.

Marrin Jessome is a multi-faceted artist whose interests stretch across dance, music and film. She grew up in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia and went on to complete a BFA in Performance Dance at Ryerson University, Toronto. Currently, Marrin works as a freelance dance teacher, choreographer, adjudicator and performer throughout the Maritimes and Greater Toronto Area.
Marrin has presented her work on stage at Ryerson’s School of Performance Springworks, Choreographic Works & Enchoreo, New Voices Festival, Antigonight Fest, The St. John Contemporary Dance Festival, Kinetic Open Studio Series and with numerous competitive studios across Atlantic Canada. Marrin’s work comes from many different dance practices including: ballet, jazz, contemporary, street style, acrobatics, yoga and floor work.
As a performer, Marrin has worked with notable Canadian choreographers including: Ryan Lee, Louis Laberge-Côté, Alysa Pires, Near&Far Projects, Christopher Knowles, Red Sky Performance, Nostos Collectives, Jessica Lowe, Emily Spearing, Kathleen Doherty & Matjash Mrozewski. She has also worked with international choreographers such as Peter Chin and Thomas Fonua.

Performance: 8PM, Library Parking Lot

Grace Lane-Smith

Mesmerised by the vastness of the ocean where tide and beach meet, Grace crafts whimsical portals to the ocean from the North Shore. Her earliest memories are of wandering up and down the aisles of a gallery on weekends, stopping in front of each painting and experiencing a feeling of ‘falling’ into the world each piece presented. She aims to recreate that magical sense of stepping through a portal to disrupt our endless digital distractions so viewers can feel the waves, live in the moment and be refreshed.
Grace is an oil painter whose work is occasionally enhanced by mixed media and embroidery.
Featured in provincial publications and group shows online and in person, she works from her home studio shipping originals and commissions across North America. Her art is represented by Red Sky Gallery in Antigonish.
Grace thanks the Town for their support in this public project.


Saturday September 17 - 7pm - 11pm - Downtown Antigonish

Antigonight is shutting down Main Street! We will be transforming the Downtown core of Antigonish into an immersive arts space where imagination and creativity reign supreme! Featuring past festival favourites and new to the area creatives, there will be opportunities for visitors of all ages to engage with the art and create lasting memories! 

William Robinson & Joel Waddell
Jacinte Armstrong
Anne Camozzi
Breaking the Silence with the Beehive Collective
L'Arche Hearts and Hands
Jugglin' Bubblers
Eva Romita
Cydnee Sparrow
The Black Box Collective
Lucas Morneau
Madeleine Putnam
Patrick Allaby
Interstellar Circus Arts
Qi Cai
Hilary Hex
No One is Illegal - K’jipuktuk/Halifax
Claire Saskia + Sidney Archer (250 Main Street, starting at 9:15pm)
Antigonish Heritage Museum (Corner of College and Main)


Anne Camozzi

Exploring Disability Through Creative Expression 

A slide show of Anne Camozzi’s art, along with music, will be projected on multiple walls to provide an immersive art experience to illustrate how beauty can result from pain, suffering, isolation, and disability. Meant to uplift viewers from their own suffering or isolation, or to inspire artists, her presentation will also use artwork and activities to encourage others to participate in creating art. Using questions and comments received from community members, Anne will explore disability terminology and etiquette, and accessibility barriers in our community. Through family-friendly art and writing activities, community members of all ages, disabled or not, will be invited to contribute to creating a visual community model of care and accessibility, as well as a clothesline of art and writing about disability and accessibility. 

Antigonish visual artist and author, Anne Camozzi, identifies as an artist with disabilities. Her art, commissioned by People’s Place Library, the QE2 Hospital, the Antigonish Mediplex, Easter Seals, the North American Highland Dancing Championships and other organizations, is also held publicly by the Province. She has done many private commissions, especially for healing spaces. Her hardcover art book, Galaxies, shipped to over twelve countries, and private collectors own her art in Canada, USA, Europe and India. Suffering from severe, unremitting pain and multiple disabilities, she creates vibrant, colourful art to distract herself from pain and isolation, while exploring her awe of nature and commitment to environmental change. More recently, she has begun work on a project to express her disabilities and the many challenges she faces in both creating and participating in society. An active advocate for accessibility and eldercare, Anne remains involved in many community activities.

Find Anne at the People's Place Library!


Jacinte Armstrong

Found in Translation

Found in Translation is an interactive performance in which small objects are translated into movement, drawing, and poetry through a series of playful transformations. Audience members are invited to join with performers to uncover new potentials in the things that surround us.

Performance by Jacinte Armstrong, Lauren Runions, and Gillian Seaward-Boone. This work originated as part of Eastern Front Theatre's Macro Digitals: CONNECTIONS, under the guidance of Kat McCormack, with original collaborators Gillian Seaward-Boone, Logan Robins, Breton Lalama, Katie Clarke, and Rebecca Wolfe. Thank you to Arts Nova Scotia.

Jacinte Armstrong (she/her) is an artist based in K’jipuktuk/Halifax, NS. Her work explores embodied practice through performance, choreography, collaboration, and curation, communicating the experience of the body in relation to objects, materials, and people. She is Artistic Director and co-founder of SiNS (Sometimes in Nova Scotia) dance, and from 2014-18 was Artistic Director of Kinetic Studio, presenting an annual season of contemporary dance workshops and performances in Nova Scotia. Jacinte performs regularly with Mocean Dance and local independent artists including Secret Theatre, Liliona Quarmyne, Gillian Seaward-Boone, Norm Adams, and Brandon Auger to name a few. Her work has been presented at Antigonight, Nocturne, Kinetic Studio, Eastern Front Theatre and Live Art Dance Productions. In 2020 she received her MFA from NSCAD University, and is currently training to become certified as a Laban Movement Analyst. 

Find Jacinte on Main Street!

Photo cred/Daniel Wittenebel




William Robinson & Joel Waddell


Like an ambient stethoscope, Bindle explores notions of hospitality by amplifying the park’s resonance and unveiling ornaments of motion.

Motivated by our shared interest in sound, music, performance, history, and landscape, we formulate projects that respond to our immediate and intimate surroundings.

Find Will and Joel at Chisholm Park!

Photo cred/Meghan Tansey Whitton

L'Arche Hearts and Hands

It takes a village: building small communities with big ideas

Come join us in building our own mini town/county mural. Create miniature houses, construct a local landscape, discover the ocean through shaping your own sea creatures or even make a mini version of yourself to add to the collective work. The only limit is your imagination!

Hearts & Hands encompasses all the ways we, at L’Arche Antigonish, use art to build community, promote, and discover our creative potential, while inviting others in the wider community to do this with us. It is a name and brand that articulates the way that we celebrate the creative expression of our core members, assistants, day programs, homes, volunteers, families, and broader community. Every creative expression is welcomed and valued in Hearts & Hands, and it is a space that allows all of us to feel free in our creative expression.
At Hearts & Hands, we do visual arts and crafts, performance art, and community outreach, both individually and collaboratively. We engage in our broader community by participating in artistic events, selling our art, and building relationships of mutuality with local artists. Hearts & Hands is also the connectivity we feel to each other when expressing ourselves, and the mutual transformation that occurs as people create and share with one another. Hearts & Hands provides an avenue for us to express our voice, vision and truth, and we invite others to join us!

Find L'Arche at 250 Main Street until 9pm!


Jugglin' Bubblers

Come see The Jugglin' Bubblers for an evening of Whimsy and Magic as they entertain you with a show filled with circus , juggling, magic, and bubbles. Then join them for a fully interactive bubble zone where you can play and learn  the magical art of bubbles.

The Jugglin Bubblers are a whimsical duo from Halifax NS . They can be found on stages and dance floors  with their unique and playful hat manipulations and bubble art. Their interactive performances are sure to leave you charmed and amazed.

Find the Jugglin' Bubblers on Main Street!

Eva Romita

Distance Kept Us Together

I’ve been thinking about the social distancing mandates that were put in place to keep us safe during the Covid pandemic, and the irony of how distance—the empty space between us—has ultimately served to keep us together. I wonder about the shape of this empty space. In it contains the promise of handshakes, the camaraderie of a pat on the back, the compassion of shoulders leaned on, and the intimacy of hugs we couldn’t share.
Touch is an essential part of our humanity; a part of ourselves we had to give up in order to survive.
The collaborative process of creating this sculpture examines and makes tangible the shape of this space. Like our communities, this project continues to grow and strengthen with the shape of the space inside every hand that touches it as we re-connect and re-build.
DISTANCE KEPT US TOGETHER represents the very best of us held within 6 feet of personal space.

Eva Romita is best known for the painstaking detail, conceptual narratives, and the unique combination of metaphors with pattern thinking that unify her wide ranging body of work. Multidisciplinary by nature, she has used large scale painting, experimental 3D embroidery, found object sculpture, and public installations to tell stories, challenge ideas, and open hearts.
In recent years, Eva has exhibited large scale works as a Beacon Artist at Halifax’s Nocturne festival, an exhibiting artist at Chester’s Sculpture Festival, and she is pleased to return for a third time to her hometown of Antigonish to participate in Antigonight Art After Dark. Eva’s paintings, projects, and installations have been included in a variety of
international art publications, exhibited in Canada and the US, and are held in private collections around the world.

Find Eva in Chisholm Park!

Cydnee Sparrow

A Sky Full of Sea

Seaweed, when unearthed from its origin, is moved by the external force of the ocean, emerging on the surface to become something else entirely from the environment it originated from. Yet, it still reveals an aspect of familiarity and recognition. A Sky Full of Sea translates discarded ocean paraphernalia into a moment of discovery of form that makes space for undefinable trajectories and definitions of individual/communal expectations of sustainability.
Through a contrast between; structure and nebulous, magic and reality, futurity and nostalgia, love and loss, A Sky Full of Sea creates an offering of suspension between translation and form to engage with the intangible and familiar parts of self that can find clarity within the otherness of nature and rurality.

Cydnee Sparrow is an artist originally from Alberta (Treaty 6 and 7 Territory), where they went to school for their Visual Arts Diploma but moved to Halifax (K’jipuktuk) in 2017 to complete their visual arts education at NSCAD University. They have an interest in translating ambivalent nature environments to aid in deciphering personal queer experience, and dysphoric connections to societal gender roles in order to promote healing. To interpret these spaces they often reference a blend of organic, science fiction, figurative and anthropomorphic elements. They have traditionally had a focus in painting as well as ceramics. Although, due to changes in space and expanded interests their work now encompasses elements of installation, fabric, and paper. For more information about their work follow @cydsparrow on Instagram. Website coming soon!

Find Cydnee at the Tall and Small (342 Main Street)!

The Black Box Collective

Ask Your Neighbour!

What’s troubling you, neighbour? Problems with your love life? Is your chicken acting funny? Not sure when it’s time to harvest your garlic? Pull up a chair on the old porch and tell us your problems. Chances are Dave, Justin, or Laura can point you in the right direction. It’s time for some old-timey, folksy, down-home advice from your neighbours. There’s no problem we can’t handle. We’ll help you tackle relationship issues, child rearing questions, ethical conundrums, and even provide carpentry and gardening tips. Oh and if you’re struggling with moral relativism or the meaning of life, we’ve got you covered there too. Swing by! We’d love to chat.

The Black Box Collective is a group of actors, musicians, improvisers, comedians, and writers based in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. The Antigonight 2022 lineup includes Laura Teasdale (playwright, actor, and musician); Justin Gregg (author, scientist, and musician); and Dave Lawrence (improviser, podcast host, and expert carpenter). The Black Box collective hosts improv workshops (together with Theatre Antigonish) and produces comedy videos and theatre performances. They also produce podcasts (Why Are People Watching This? and Why Are People Listening to This?), and co-produced the ECMA and Music Nova Scotia award nominated children’s album Critical Hit from Bingly and the Rogues.

Find the Black Box Collective outside the RBC at 236 Main Street!


Lucas Morneau

Meet Da Mummer

Meet Da Mummer is a parody of a late-night talk show musical performance that queers the traditional late-night talk format through drag. Playing two parody songs, I Had A Mask and Meet Da Mummer, a fictional band of mummers known as The Mummers queer the traditional Atlantic mummering practice by blending aspects of mummering with drag, offering concrete reconfigurations of gender and gender performance.
Meet Da Mummer is filmed and edited to look like a late-night show from the late 80s and early 90s. I Had A Mask is a parody of the traditional Irish/Newfoundland song I Had A Hat, played through traditional homemade instruments such as spoons and ugly sticks, while Meet Da Mummer is a parody of the 1994 song Meet Ze Monsta by PJ Harvey. Both songs queer the tradition of mummering, a practice popular in the Atlantic region known for gender play and accepted in the community, by comparing it to drag, a queer art form that many still look down upon.

Lucas Morneau is a queer interdisciplinary artist and curator of English-Newfoundlander and French-Quebeçois European settler descent from Ktaqamkuk (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada). They received their Bachelor of Fine Arts at Memorial University – Grenfell Campus in 2016, and their Master of Fine Arts) at University of Saskatchewan in 2018. They have one multiple awards, including the 2016 BMO First Art Award for Newfoundland and Labrador and the 2018 Cox & Palmer Pivotal Point Grant. Their work has been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, ArtsNL, and ArtsNB.
Through drag and masquerade like their alter-ego The Queer Mummer, their work explores gender performativity with issues surrounding hegemonic masculinity and its effect on gender expression and identity. Their practice employs  several mediums, including  photography, fibre art, performance, video, installation, printmaking, and sculpture.
Morneau is currently based in the Sikniktuk region of Mi'kma'ki, where they are working as the Production Manager at Struts Gallery.

Find Lucas in front of 5 Cents to 1 Dollar! (245 Main Street)


Madeleine Putnam


The Bean-nighe (pronounced "ben-nee-yeh") is a spirit from Scottish folklore. She appears on river-banks as a messenger from the Otherworld, washing the clothes of those who are fated to die. She comes now to foretell the death of New Scotland, and the breaking of the curses that Scottish folk re-cast when they speak its name.
Visitors are invited to pick up plastic debris from around the town to bring as offerings on the evening of Saturday September 17th.

Madeleine Putnam was born on a leap day in the year 2000. This date, when the Gregorian calendar must stumble to re-align itself with the motion of celestial bodies, is in line with her direction as an artist. Her recent ancestors' dreams of a world where their ideas are prioritized over all other realities are well overdue to be dismantled and re-dreamt. Madeleine's artistic practice began with painted images and grew to include textile and trash sculpture during her time at NSCAD university, where she graduated with an Interdisciplinary BFA in 2022. Following this, she left her birthplace in Kjipuktuk, Mi'kma'ki to become a guest on land belonging to the Kanien'kehá:ka Nation.

Find Madeleine at Chisholm Park!

Patrick Allaby

Water Lover

The Water Lover is an ever-evolving graphic novel performance about being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and trying to survive with chronic illness. It consists of over four hundred drawings and lasts for about an hour.

Patrick Allaby is a graphic novelist living in Sackville, NB. His books, “Martin Peters” and “The Water Lover” were published by Conundrum Press in 2019 and 2021. Both are about living with Type 1 Diabetes.

Catch Patrick at the GrindHouse (294 Main Street) for a 45 minute performance at 7:30pm and 9:00pm

Interstellar Circus Arts

Interstellar Circus Arts- a Constellation of Art will captivate audiences to look up to the sky to make connections. The duo partner acrobatics comprising of Amanda Hobbs and zupiter circus arts that lifts one another up is sure to soar to new heights. Their ethereal presence is certain to transport audiences to the vastness of an other wordly sky, one where you can reach the stars.

Interstellar Circus Arts is an acrobatic duo comprised of Amanda Hobbs and Taylor Zupiter. They are well-established circus performance artists based out of Kjipuktuk/Halifax as well as the Annapolis Valley in Mikmaki/Nova Scotia. They cumulatively have decades of experience in the living arts including partner acrobatics, aerial arts, dance, and flow arts and they live to bring our art to life in front of live audiences. They bring a high degree of passion, enthusiasm and professionalism to all the work they do. You can catch them ambiently flowing in the air as well at putting on their show stopping stage act at Antigonight festival on Saturday September 17th.

Performance: 8:00PM, Main Street Festival Grounds (between Church and College)

Qi Cai

Who We Are

Welcome to my world! This is a game that everyone can join in.
Feel free to take pieces and put them on the paintings, create your character in my art world.
I want to say that everybody can be who we are and who we want to be. No matter what colour of our skin and our eyes and what we wear. Everyone is beautiful because we choose who we are. I like painting people’s eyes because they are so similar but also so recognizable. I like making jokes in my painting. Hope you enjoy it.

I’m a portrait artist, graphic designer, henna tattoo artist, wall painter.
Getting an art job in China is easy, but being an artist is super hard. I never gave up on being myself and doing my own art even when everybody in my life kept saying “no”. Until some famous bands in China like my style, I was doing a lot of paintings and designs with bands and music festivals. 14 years of art life, but the time never took away my passion. Now I’m here in a totally different country, everything is new, and I am excited about how this will change my paintings!

Find Qi at the Red Sky Gallery (320 Main Street)!



Constellation Conga

From the team that brought you Moonlight Yoga for Human Plants (Blooming Ludus, Antigonight 2021) comes - CONSTELLATION CONGA a fun LED-lit journey around Antigonish! Be greeted by enigmatic Violet and Zenric, two star searchers on the hunt for stories about the sky as seen from our collective perspective. Tether yourselves together with light and connect our rural night skies to stories of the dark and light in this short walk about experience. Suitable for all ages!

BAGEL+BALLOON are interactive experience makers Kai Oliver and Francine Dulong!  Kai is a game designer who loves theatre. Francine is a theatre maker who delights in games. As artistic humans and romantic partners, we strive to create performances that open up possibility and play, challenging audiences to question and dream.  We highly value the combined power of theatre and games as art forms that support change and potential repatterning, making a more sustainable, equal and just planet for all.
Our work can be found in the digital realm and in person, in parks and community centers, music halls or the woods! We research at the intersection of technology, performance and participatory arts. Some of our favourite experiences we’ve created so far include: DIGIDAMARA - a dance marathon at the end of the universe (with puppets!), and Acouscous - a 360° spatial sound experiment.

Find BAGEL+BALLOON leading tours starting at the library at 7:30PM, 8:30PM and 9:30PM!



Hilary Hex


My Grandfather has always been a storyteller, building invisible connections to the past with words: telling us when and how spaces were built and who occupied them. Knowing that I would one day miss my grandfather’s stories’ we traveled through rural Saskatchewan to see if the shack he was raised in was still standing. It is, though it’s no longer accessible, hidden on private land. Having moved seventeen times in my life, the transitory nature of my rented living spaces feels disjointed in comparison to the stability of my grandfather’s upbringing. This materialization of spaces my grandfather, my mother, and I have occupied aims to bridge personal history through the exploration of the environment that it is installed in. Acknowledging the history our spaces carry creates a connection to those who came before us, those who share it now, and those who will care for it in the future.

Hilary Hex is a fat queer nonbinary artist currently living and practicing in the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People. Their practice centres around the ideas and emotions exchanged between artist and viewer. Focusing on the message over the medium, Hilary’s practice includes an ever-expanding list of materials and forms. Through their work they often address identity and trauma.
Hilary works to create approachable conversations on difficult topics in hopes to make art accessible and inclusive. Having Aphantasia, a lack of visual imagination, drives them to physically create what others can think. Without the enthusiastic support of their partner, Andrew, Hilary wouldn’t be where or who they are today.

Find Hilary at Henry’s Hairstyling (342 Main St)!

Brent McCombs Festival Photographer

Originally from Ontario and trained in Los Angeles, Brent McCombs spent 8 years photographing fashion in Europe before meeting his partner and settling in Halifax.
Brent has worked with more than 20 of RuPaul drag queens and also become one of the leading Highland Dance photographers in North America.
Together he and partner Sarah now shoot weddings and portraits as well as supporting many arts and LGBTQ2S+ events, and have been very much looking forward to photographing Antigonish Artsfest.

Food & Beverage Highlight

Candid Brewing Company - 88 College St 

Antigonight Czech Dark Lager deftly balances the line between light and dark. Pouring deep black, Antigonight features layers of light roast malt and a smooth lager finish.

Catch musicians Leah and Kyle from 8:30pm - 10:30pm

GrindHouse - 294 Main Street 

Sip on a cocktail and grab a to-go crepe!
Fairy Berry is a vodka-based magic potion with a Nova Scotia inspired twist! Side effects include non-stop smiling, giggling, and stumbling through the garden barefoot.

Night life is Fairy Berry’s mysterious twin sister. She’s the friend you bring out with you who slips away from the party without a goodbye. Think your partner in crime, but make it a drink. Sure to have you dancing all night long.

Brownstone Restaurant - 244 Main Street 

People watch on the patio and dine on some great food! Open until 9pm!


These are the people who made it work!

Volunteer Coordinator: Emilie Gauthier

Billeting Coordinator: Addy Strickland

Festival Photographer: Brent McCombs | AlterEgo Photography

Antigonight Subcommittee: Fenn Martin, Amberlee Boulton, Rachel Hurst, Andrea Terry, Rhonda Semple, Morgan Peters, Leah Campbell, Ken Matheson,

Thank you to our sponsors!

Antigonish Culture Alive Board of Directors, Leigh Gillam, Kristel Fleuren-Hunter, Arlynne McGrath and StFX Service Learning, Haley MacKeen, Kate Gorman, Maureen Moynaugh, The AANFA, Kent, DeCoste Interiors, Elizabeth Yeo, Yvonne Grenier, Aida Arnold, Festival Antigonish, Tuckers Clay, Carmine Insurance, UPS, The Antigonish Art Fair and The Arts House, Fred Alexander at Entertainment One, Red Sky Gallery, Tall and Small, Blaise and Henry's Haircuts, Candid Brewery, Brownstone Restaurant, Grind House

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