Antigonish is known as a major cultural hub within the province of Nova Scotia, and has one of the highest concentrations of artists and arts organizations in the province. Events like Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre, Antigonight Art After Dark, the Antigonish Art Fair, Antigonish Highland Games, and the Antigonish Performing Arts Series draw thousands of visitors to our community each year. We are home to many award-winning authors, musicians, and visual artists who not only brighten our lives with their creative output, but strengthen the economic diversity of our community.

Have a question about the arts community in Antigonish? We are happy to provide advice and support to local artists, arts organizations, and arts venues looking to host events, and promote the arts to those living in and visiting Antigonish. If you’ve got a question about the arts in Antigonish, we will have the answer. Email: info@antigonishculturealive.ca